Name (Last Known Location)

  • Ben Steyer,

  • Jared Carlson-Stevemer, Ph.D. (UW-Madison)

  • Ty Harkness, Ph.D. (Charles River Labs)
  • Ryan Prestil (NIH/Cambridge)
  • Julio Diaz
  • Corey Anderson, Ph.D. (UW-Madison, NIH F32)
  • Tyler Klann, M.S. (Duke)
  • Travis Cordie, M.S. (BMolGen) 
  • Jishnu Saha (Vertex Pharmaceuticals)
  • Carly Hildebrandt
  • Leah Escalante (UW-Madison, PhD program) 
  • Kevin Ortiz
  • Henry Hu (Oxford)
  • Ian Linsmeier (Yale)          
  • Lucy Kohlenberg
  • Meng Lou
  • Stephanie Seymour
  • Trevor Zarecki (Juno Therapeutics)
  • Alireza Aghayee
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