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New paper on the influence of cell geometry on reprogramming by Ty Harkness, Ryan Prestil, and Stephanie Seymour is now published in Biotechnology Journal. Go to our Publications page to check it out!

Our new collaborative paper on CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing to dissect signalling in human embryonic stem cells was accepted into Stem Cell Reports! Alex Laperle et al., α-5 Laminin synthesized by human pluripotent stem cells promotes self-renewal.

Our new collaborative paper on high-content live analysis of human cells was accepted into Biotechnology Journal! Ty Harkness et al., High-Content Imaging with Micropatterned Multiwell Plates Reveals Influence of Cell Geometry and Cytoskeleton on Chromatin Dynamics.

Congratulations again to Stephanie Seymour, who is this time awarded a Hilldale Undergraduate Research Fellowship.

Ty Harkness passes his preliminary exam to advance to dissertator status.

Jared Carlson-Stevermer is awarded a NSFGRFP Honorable Mention.

The Saha lab has just been chosen to be part of a new, exciting effort to broaden understanding of toxins' effect on the body. Learn more about it here

Congratulations to Stephanie Seymour, who was selected to be a 2015 Amgen Scholar! This selective program sends researchers to the Japan for a summer of intensive research.

Congratulations to Ben Steyer, who was awarded a 2014 VitreoRetinal Surgery Foundation Fellowship Award!

Ryan Prestil has been selected to participate in the 2015 SUPER-G program. This selective program sends researchers to the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Heidelberg, Germany for a summer of intensive research.

Kris Saha has been chosen to be part of the Next Generation Leaders Council by the Allen Institute for Brain Science. Check out the full release on our Press page.

Ty Harkness and Kris Saha have recently participated in a roundtable discussion with US Representative Mark Pocan regarding concerning a Next Generation Research Act to improve funding for young scientists. Quotes | video

Stem cell research has a great potential to develop new therapies, but how can we standardize research so that we can spread the benefit of stem cell advances? Kris Saha and collaborator Randy Ashton discuss this issue in the latest Sound Engineering podcast

New Saha Lab publication is hot off the press! Travis Cordie, Ty Harkness, and Jared Carlson-Stevermer just published Nanofibrous Electrospun Polymers for Reprogramming Human Cells in Cell and Molecular Bioengineering. This special issue focuses on young innovators. Find the press release here or check out our Press page.

The Saha Lab has recently been choosen as the recipient of two grants! The first is from the Burroughs Wellcome Fund for Innovation in Regulatory Science. Our second grant focuses on the ethical side of healthcare to investigate the Paradoxes of Information Flow. You can find out more about this research thrust from the Holtz Center

At the heart of stem cell research is always an ethical debate on advancement of stem cell disease modeling while protecting personal information on patients from whom those cells were derived. For a fresh perspective read our new article in Cell Stem Cell found on our Publications page.

Congrats to Ryan Pestil on being selected as a recipient of a Hilldale Research Fellowship for the 2014-2015 year. Hilldale Fellowships

Dr. Saha receives a 2014 NSF Early Faculty Development (CAREER) Award. Find out more details about the prestigious award here.
To learn more about the future research of our group read this release.

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